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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions answered by one of our local experts.

Why is ice important in cocktails?
Ice is to a bartender what heat is to a chef. Using the highest quality of ice will allow you to produce the best possible drinks given your ingredients, in the same way, that a chef using a high-quality oven (as opposed to a microwave) will ensure the best quality food.
What does the proper ice cube do for whiskey pours, especially over proof spirits?
Due to a little thing called surface area, giant ice cubes that are free of trapped air and impurities will keep the integrity of your favorite dram intact, and perfectly chilled, longer than smaller, air-ridden cubes.
What Cocktails do you like to make with fatice? Do you have a favorite?
As many as we possibly can and all are my favorite.
Does the guest appreciate the product when available?
I have found that we get the most comments/compliments on the beverages that use large, clear ice. Guests know that that piece of frozen water took people a lot of time and effort to get in their glass, and thus their appreciation for that drink is much higher if you were to use cubed ice out of the machine.
What are advantages of sourcing cline bell ice as opposed to freezing ice yourself?
For the same reason as question 2, in addition to consistency!