FAT ICE: The Perfect Cocktail Every Time

When your drink is top shelf, make sure your ice is too.

Industry professionals and home enthusiasts agree: FAT ICE caters to all your ice needs! Elevate your drinking experience with our crystal-clear ice. Each ice product we offer is made for a specific type of cocktail—shaken or stirred over a large cube or sphere or served over crushed ice. We use a directional freezing process that naturally filters and degasses the water, leaving a crystal clear 300 lb block with absolutely no bubbles or impurities. Our artisans then break down each block into perfectly cut pieces. Our ice gives you an undiluted beverage that makes your experience a lasting one.

FAT ICE: From Our Facility To Your Glass

FAT ICE began with a simple vision: making ice that would enhance the visual impact and overall taste of your cocktail. We are a new generation ice company that uses cutting-edge technologies to provide unique ice products. Thanks to state-of-the-art innovations in manufacturing, packaging, and distribution, we can produce ice products on a larger scale while maintaining the utmost perfection. We are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for craft ice, creating crystal clear cubes that are visually engaging and melt three times slower to minimize drink dilution and flavor impact.

Javier Roberto Flores, our founder, and lead motivator moved to Austin in 2013 and saw a need for a high-quality craft ice supplier. After some R&D, Flores and his partners founded Fat Ice in 2015. In a few short years, FAT ICE has grown into the country’s leading producer of craft ice. We offer the best ice around, with accounts in most major markets, including the entire state of Texas, Chicago, and Las Vegas. And there are more to come!

FAT ICE is sold both retail and wholesale, offering nationwide shipping to buyers from across the country. We transform our ice into any size, shape, or style you might need….and always with perfection in mind.

The Future Of FAT ICE

FAT ICE is just beginning our journey to becoming the best darn craft ice company in the United States…..

Our newly built Las Vegas facility is state-of-the-art and ready to deliver perfection! Our team is excited to serve the city of Vegas and all its fabulous high rollers.

Just Ice of Chicago fame has proudly joined the FAT ICE family in 2021. Just Ice was founded in 2013 by Rosanna Lloyd, who quickly built it into Chicago’s premier craft ice company. FAT ICE was drawn to Just Ice’s commitment to high-quality products and service and its focus on community and employee education.

We’re excited about our recent expansions into Las Vegas and Chicago and keeping an eye on expanding nationwide. FAT ICE is set to sell over five million pieces of clear-cut ice in 2021! Just imagine what we’ll be capable of in 2022 as we continue to grow our team.

If you’re interested in growing your business, join the conversation and talk to us today! Discover how FAT ICE can make your business cooler than it already is!



We are pleased to offer an alternative to using standard, machine-made ice cubes. Our skilled ice cutters create six sizes of crystal clear, solid, FAT ICE cubes that will accommodate any size glassware you use and compliment the high-end spirits or cocktails you serve. Because FAT ICE is so bright and dense, it has a much slower melt rate than standard ice, which allows your customers to experience a cocktail that is consistent from the first sip to the last. You can find Fat Ice at many of your favorite local bars, restaurants, and hotels. FAT ICE is available to you in a convenient 100 count box, delivered to your door or may be picked up at most Spec’s Fine Wine and Spirit’s, six days per week.

FAT ICE is proud to introduce our smooth and sophisticated spheres offering the slowest degree of dilution, as well as supreme chilling power. FAT ICE is a premium quality ice with glass-like clarity. It made from high quality, Clinebell ice. When your drink is top shelf, make sure your ice is too. We offer two sizes of Spheres 55mm & 65mm.

Are you wanting Clear Bagged Ice? You can’t go wrong with our Clinebell crushed ice, Clinebell cracked ice or the bagged whiskey cube. FAT ICE is available to you 10-pound bags

Fat Ice is hand crafted artisanal ice that has the highest clarity and free of all impurities.

Fat Ice uses only clinebell, the highest/purest quality blocks of ice. Each piece is hand-cut to make the perfect craft cocktail.

Fat Ice is a premium quality ice with glass-like clarity.

Fat ice is so clean and dense, it has a much slower melt rate than standard ice.