Bartender-inspired. Innovation-fired.

Craft cocktail ice should fill a whole lot more than your glass. Fat Ice gets it. We know the bar is a launching pad for customer delight and destination buzz — and our passion is to raise the stakes with every drink made. We’re a partner to thousands of bars, restaurants and casinos because we drive ice beyond functional and deep into the emotional. Higher margins. Bigger tips. Must-have beverages that pose for the camera and create social traction. We make rocks that roll your business forward — rushed straight to your door by a distribution network like no other.

We started humble. Now we rumble.

Fat Ice was born behind the bar in Austin, Texas, to meet real needs of mixologists who wanted to elevate their craft with superior ice. We launched the business way back in 2015 — just as craft cocktails were catching fire — with a dual-purpose mission: to make stunning ice and deliver whip-smart advice. 

For almost a decade, Fat Ice has delivered pure, pristine ice to the hottest hospitality destinations in America. We’ve become a preferred partner because we’ve proven time and again that top-shelf ice is critical to better craft cocktails and that exceptional ice can amplify the business potential of your entire beverage program.

The future is most definitely fat.

After working hard to establish our place in the high-end ice world, things at Fat Ice are heating up. Our state-of-the-art Las Vegas facility has been delivering perfection to the city’s fabulous high rollers since 2021. That same year we welcomed Just Ice, Chicago’s premier craft ice company, to the Fat Ice family. And when the industry demands even more, Fat Ice listens.  

Our soon-to-be-completed 65,000-square-foot production facility builds on our expertise and high-volume distribution network to get even more of our top-shelf ice to wherever and whenever it’s needed. It’s big news for us, for sure, but it’s really an investment in the entire hospitality industry.

Want to make your business even cooler? Join the conversation and talk to us today about real growth opportunities — because going big is the only way we know.

WHY FAT ICE? Let’s make this clear.

Anyone can be an ice maker. We are the ice machine.

  • Fat Ice uses food-grade certified Clinebell equipment to produce stunningly clear and pure blocks, precisely cut into six sizes of cubes and spheres for specific glassware and cocktails. (And we do outrageously cool custom-branded ice, too!)
  • Our ice is bright, dense and slow-melting, creating a consistent drinking experience from first sip to last — minimal dilution, maximum flavor!
  • We come from the hospitality biz and we understand your beverage program challenges and opportunities. 
  • Our well-oiled distribution network gets the goods to you faster, delivered right to your door or available for pick-up from Spec’s Fine Wine and Spirits across Texas. 
  • We partner with accounts to personally show you how top-shelf ice can drive profits, generate buzz, capitalize on mixology trends and maximize your investment. 

The bottom line: You can get ice anywhere — but no one can multiply its impact like Fat Ice.

No bubbles or impurities. Hand-cut for specific glassware and cocktails.

Innovative Clinebell machine technology produces consistently perfect ice blocks.

Enjoy ice so clear you can dip it into water and it’s essentially invisible.

Experience far less dilution than standard ice for lasting drink flavor.