Now Available in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Texas.

When your drink is top shelf, make sure your ice is too.

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Fat Ice Spheres, Whiskey Cubes, and Standard Cubes are now available at participating Texas Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods

Slowest Degree of Dilution • Paramount Chilling Power
Pristine Clarity • Dense Slow Melting
Compliments Cocktails with Style

With nearly a decade in the game, Fat Ice is here to rock your cocktails and boost your business. We jumped in with a mission to do more — now we’re preferred by the pros and embraced by the industry.

FAT ICE is proud to introduce our smooth and sophisticated cubes offering the slowest degree of dilution, as well as paramount chilling power.

FAT ICE is a premium quality ice with glass-like clarity. It’s made from high quality, Clinebell ice. When your drink is top shelf, make sure your ice is too.

No bubbles or impurities. Hand-cut for specific glassware and cocktails.

Innovative Clinebell machine technology produces consistently perfect ice blocks.

Enjoy ice so clear you can dip it into water and it’s essentially invisible.

Experience far less dilution than standard ice for lasting drink flavor.

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