About Us


We are pleased to offer an alternative to using standard, machine made ice cubes. FAT ICE is now available to you when standard ice cubes just won’t cut it in the beverages you serve your customers. Our skilled ice cutters create 4 sizes of crystal clear, hard, FAT, ice cubes that will accommodate any size glassware you use and compliment the high end spirits or cocktails you serve. Because FAT ICE is so clear and dense, it has a much slower melt rate than standard ice which allows your customers to experience a cocktail that is consistent from the first sip to the last. You can find Fat Ice at many of your favorite local bars, restaurants and hotels. FAT ICE is available to you in a convenient 100 count box, delivered to your door or may be picked up at most Spec's Fine Wine and Spirit's, six days per week.


  • Slow melt rate keeps your cocktail consistent
  • Leaves a lasting impression on your customer
  • Completes the craft cocktail experience for your customer


Javier Roberto Flores is a bartender from Texas who has been in the industry since 2001. Javier worked as a Disc Jockey, a bartender, as well as restaurant management. Javier found his calling in the world of craft bartending.

Javier is from South Texas, but he loved to travel around the country to see the latest trends in the bar business and often times he would bring back the best he saw to Texas. During his travels and working with the best operators and mixologists, he saw they were using Cline Bell ice. Javier knew this would be a game changer. Javier started cutting cline bell ice into craft cocktail cubes in 2011. At that time it was for only 50 drinks a night, but by 2012 he had increased that to 300 a night....this is when Javier discovered his passion to try and make ice great again!

In 2013 Javier made the move to Austin TX to further his craft and joined the team at Midnight Cowboy. For the next couple of years he maintained his job at midnight cowboy and took a few other gigs around town as a brand ambassador for Pisco Porton and MKTG. All this time there was only 2 bars in Austin using cline bell ice and this is where Javier saw an opportunity.

Partnering with friends in San Antonio Javier was able to purchase ice in San Antonio and resell to a few key accounts in Austin. Texas. The demand eventually grew to a point that he knew it was time to go out on his own. Breaking away from his San Antonio partnership Javier made phone calls and pulled every favor in the book to launch what is now known as Fat Ice. A year and a half later Javier and his team is on track to be the largest producer of craft ice in the country. Fat Ice is clearly the best ice around with accounts in all major markets in Texas. Fat Ice is sold at Spec's Fine Wine and Spirit's and offers nationwide shipping.