Javier Roberto Flores is a bartender from Texas who has been in the industry since 2001. Working in everything from Disc Jockey to bartender to restaurant management and everything in between Javier found a home in the world of craft bartending. Being from South Texas traveling was done to see the latest trends around the country with hopes of bringing them home to Texas. The thing that stood out more than anything else was ice, but not just any old machine ice, this stuff was special. This was “cline bell ice”, which Javier knew would be a game changer.

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Justin Elliott

The only thing more elemental to The Cocktail than ethanol is ice. The cocktail at its core is a preparation of or a tempering of a spirit and ice is the first tool always reached for in that toolbox. Every cocktail is balanced a >>MORE..

Javier Flores

Ice not only dilutes, it also chills your cocktail, which along with proper balance make a great drink. Having the best quality ice to start with ensure you can control the overall outcome of your cocktail without worrying >>MORE..

Camper English

Clear, big ice melts more slowly in the glass, but more importantly it's a vast aesthetic improvement that customers go crazy for.>>MORE..